Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Girl and Her Grill Part II

You may remember way, way back at the first of this month I posted about a very nice meal that Keetha and I prepared out on the grill. For those of you who might have forgotten, you can read about it here. I promised at that time a new installment of "A Girl and Her Grill". Well, here we go...

This Friday night meal actually began with preparations on Tuesday of the same week. I began by defrosting half of a venison loin. The loin was trimmed of any excess fat that was present and placed inside of a double freezer bag (one bag inside of the other). On top of the loin one whole bottle of Allegro Original Marinade was poured into the double freeze bags. The double bag was to keep any marinade from leaking out if the inner bag happened to be punctured in anyway. Then it was placed into the fridge for the rest of the week. On just a little side note, the best results from this marinade always seem to come when the meat sits in it for 36-72 hours.

So here we are on Friday night getting ready...time to prepare the venison steaks! First off, she and I removed the marinating loin from the fridge and brought them to room temperature. We then sliced the loin into 3" thick steaks, and butterflied them. Now for the good part! The steaks were "stuffed" with goat cheese crumbles and sliced sun-dried tomatos.

Mmmmmmmm....looks tasty already doesn't it?

Next, as I'm almost always prone to do, they were wrapped with pepper bacon on both axis. That sounds a little too much like geometry...Keetha won't like that! ;-) Sadly, I don't have a photo of the finished product ready for the grill. Anyhoo, we progressed outside and got the grill lit and ready for cooking.

Anyone remeber Keetha's prowress in building a fire? No? Well, let me paint you the picture, or should I say, let her have her moment in the sun once more...

Just kidding Kiddo! You did a wonderful job! (HA, HA!)

And of course, as all well versed Southern couples do, we had drinks "on the veranda" while waiting for the fire to "get right" as we say down here. Now, please understand "on the veranda" can mean anything from an actual veranda as described to let's just say whatever you want it to be!

Of course, I don't have to tell you what our accompanyments were for this meal...or do you need a reminder. Oh well, you twisted my arm just enough, so it was proscuitto wrapped asparagus and The Salad. It was as good as EVAH!

The meal and conversation were impeccable! Medium rare venison steaks, stuffed with goat cheese and sun-dried tomatos wrapped in pepper bacon with proscuitto wrapped asparagus and The Salad with a nice Pinot Noir...mmmmm, sounds like heaven to us!!!!

And as usual, there wasn't any room for dessert yet AGAIN! Maybe someday soon, we'll be able to lessen the main course and try our hands at a Crème brûlée I really had to link to that one!

Untill next time, keep the charcoal stocked and ice buckets handy!

Y'all come back now, ya hear!!


Joh said...

Um... can I come over for dinner sometime? Forget, for a moment, that I live in New York. It's probably fine. You just give me a date, I'll start walking, and eventually, I'll be there. Make this when I get there. Please. Because I'm salivating. I'm drooling. Seriously.

Also, I'm getting my first grill soon, and I need some charcoal counsel... I don't really know how to set a fire in a charcoal grill. Please halp!!!!!

Delta Bulldog said...


I'll try to post up a "small" charcoal tutorial very soon, with photos. Hopefully this will help with some of your questions about it. Just remember, charcoal is your friend! ;-) You just can't get that good flavor from a gas grill. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Remind me to eat breakfast before I visit here. Now I want to skip straight to dinner. (I've never made Creme Brulee, but always wanted to just so I could have an excuse to buy one of those little torches.)

AngelMc said...

oh jeffrey, it sounds wonderful. but i just can't eat venison. david has done everything in his power to try to get me to eat it. david jr. who is an emeril wannabee and spices everything to the high heavens tricked me one time, i must admit that i ate it and enjoyed it (it was mixed with beans/onions/etc) but i was mad at him for a week. now i won't eat anything he cooks unless i watch him cook it or i have testimony from his wife and david sr. i don't know why i won't eat it. it is just something in my head i guess.

Joh said...

Um.... charcoal tutorial? Bueller???

I'm just messing with you. :) But don't leave me hangin' too long!!