Monday, April 21, 2008

Back to the Grill

For the second time in as many days, we cooked on the grill. One time with my very own grill that I removed the cover from. ALL BY MYSELF.

That meal was great - grilled chicken and grilled asparagus, which we made like we did last time. I could eat it approximately every single day.

Or so I thought until Saturday night when we grilled.

We made happy hamburgers, hamburgers that were made happy by the addition of pepper jack cheese smack dab in the middle of the hamburger patty. Man alive, as the burgers cooked, the cheese melted and was it ever good.
This is the bottom layer of the hamburger patty with the cheese. This was topped with a thin patty and the edges crimped together to keep all that preshus cheese in there. The end result was very moist and really tasty.

That spawned a lively discussion of any number of variations on stuffed burgers. It's going to be pretty great.

Before that, we snacked on cheddar and edam cheese, dusted with a homemade Cajun seasoning blend and crackers. It made me think of the Rendevzous.

This was late in the afternoon, after a day spent outdoors. My son played in the backyard with a disabled lawnmower deck. Something about the belt or chain or something interested him. He asked me where the fan went that turned the belt.


There is the aspragus, wrapped in proscuitto, sprinkled with Cavender's Greek seasoning, drizzled with olive oil; it was all kinds of good.
Seriously good.

If I needed an excuse to fire up the grill, which I didn't, but if I did, that would be it.


Camellia said...

Always happy when you share your recipes.I'm going to link a post at . Just to shake the relatives up and make them turn loose of their recipes.

Pamela said...

Cheese in the *middle* of the burger? Whoever invented that should have an institution of higher learning named after him/her. And the person who invented that asparagus: deified.

Joh said...

stashing the cheese in the burger patty is an excellent idea. I've tried it before, and while I didn't manage to do it properly (patty too thick, cheese didn't melt), I definitely want to try it again.


Suzanne said...

Holy mackeral!!!! I don't know which I like more, the burgers with the cheese in the middle (and those onions mixed in looked tasty), or the crackers and cheese dusted with seasoning!