Friday, April 25, 2008

Bookstores Are Fun

Earlier today, Jeffrey and I got to meet Alton Brown, who was at Turnrow Books in Greenwood today, signing Feasting on Asphalt: The River Run which looks to be both a travelogue and cookbook.

Afterwards, we (Jeffrey and I, not Jeffrey, me, and Alton) had lunch at Giardina's at The Alluvian. I had a pesto penne with walnuts and chicken that was good and Jeffrey had a pork chop served with goat cheese mashed potatoes. I don't even like mashed potatoes and those were good.

For dessert we ordered tiaramisu and bread pudding. The bread pudding apparently was served with whiskey sauce, which I didn't realize until I took a bite swimming in the sauce and it just about took my breath away - it burned all the way down. Just haven't quite gotten my training wheels yet as far as whiskey/bourbon is concerned.

But. We managed to finish pretty much both desserts without too much trouble.

More to come!


Camellia said...

I loves me some whiskey sauce.

Laura said...

Alton is SO CUTE! When I first clicked on the blog I thought "who is that good-looking guy?!"


Who would have thunk it?