Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nutella Pinwheels

Two of the easiest, tastiest, most convenient products: Nutella spread (chocolate and hazelnut near the peanut butter at the grocery store) and puff pastry.

True love!

Follow package instructions to thaw puff pastry sheet, roll out slightly on a lightly floured surface. Then spoon over the Nutella. Nom nom nom.

Roll up lengthwise, let chill for easier slicing, and cut into spirals. If you have hazelnuts on hand, you can chop a handful and sprinkle on top.

It doesn't matter if the pinwheels aren't pretty.

They bake up nice.

Nutella Pinwheels are perfect make-ahead treats, too. Roll up, wrap well, and freeze. They're good to have in the freezer so they'll be handy if you have a sugar and carb emergency. Thaw the puff pastry logs slightly at room temperature, slice, and bake.


Pamela said...

I think this is my favorite recipe ever. I always have Nutella in the house. Nutella and nutbutter sandwiches is my bring-to-work lunch. AND I have puff pastry in the house right now. I might try this with Nutella and almond butter.

Pamela said...

I tried it with Nutella and almond butter and other than being a teeny bit stingy with the filling -- they were awesome. I cut myself off after 4.

Anonymous said...
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