Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Maybe the blue next time

A few weeks ago I was at a Fresh Market to get some tuna steaks.

And to smile at the display of flowers, to flinch at the prices of produce, to ogle the bread display, and mostly to wander around and daydream.

The customer in front of me asked the seafood counter lady if they had redfish.

She looked in the display case and there was no redfish.

"No red fish but we do have salmon," she said helpfully.

Because salmon is you know, salmon-colored, which is kind of close to red.


I glanced at the customer, who looked confused.

She said, "What about grouper or catfish?"

I'm thinking the seafood counter lady was thinking, "Hell, that fish is white."


Erin said...

"One fish two fish red fish blue fish" Good ol' Dr. Suess!

Camellia said...

And that bread? Give me Mockingbird bread every time.

Camellia said...

Back to you...beware yuppiery in Mississippi. You can take the girl out of the country, but store clerks only get paid a certain amount, and it's not like you're paying your dues in a high class bookstore.

Joh said...

I love it. I think you'd probably get the same response in my grocery store's fish counter here in Brooklyn. Which is why, primarily, I make the trek to Whole Foods in Manhattan for my seafood needs.

I have a question. Can you please e-mail me or comment me or facebook me or something your recipe for pimento-cheese? You can use a skywriter if you want. Or a carrier pigeon. But it's a need. Please and thank you!!!