Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Eat anything you want — just as long as you’re willing to cook it yourself."

Fascinating article in the New York Times by Michael Pollan. It's about how the popularity of cooking shows and shows about food and eating are rising - skyrocketing - in popularity while people are actually cooking much less.


JD said...

For some reason, I can really believe that. It seems like I am constantly in the road running here and there with little time to cook a home cooked meal. But, I still love to watch the food network and browse various cooking sites. And, I have a subscription to Paula Deen and Taste of Home. Go figure!

Joh said...

It's interesting.I've found a reverse phenomenon -- as I cook more and more, I like watching FoodNetwork less and less. I've figured out that basically food is a variation on a theme. I've seen Rachael Ray make every burger she's got, and if she says "Fish in a sack" one more time, I might find her and knock her out, and I LOVE her. But seriously, the more I know about it, and the more I cook, the less I want to watch it. But I love watching sports. And Cop shows (Law & Order) which I'm not involved in daily. Maybe it's similar?

MitMoi said...

I'm with Joh.

In the beginning I loved Food Network - and Sarah Moulton - Emeril Lagasse, and Alton Brown and the Barefoot Contessa. Now - only Alton and BC rate any time from me. I think there are three reasons.

1.) I watched to learn - and learn things I can cook in my home kitchen. There's just too many things my non-gourmet space limited kitchen can't do. So why watch?

2.) "Reality/Contest" TV. I don't care. I really, really don't care to watch anyone be snarky, evil, conniving, pouty, or ambushed.

3.) "Homemade" doesn't come from a box/bag/can augmented with "something" to make it SEEM like homemade. Homemade means doing ALL the steps and from scratch.

Glad you liked the article. I did too. It made me examine I why I cook - and how (outside of family) set me on this path.

Claire Green said...

I did not make the cakes...I ordered them from a cute little place in Madison. I LOVED the cookies you know that gift was so up my ally. The night you brought them I made another batch and a batch of white chocolate pretzels to go on the table...all with the same sprinkles you used. I have a question. How do you incorporate the sprinkles and how do you get your cookies to be so uniform. Blog about it please!!!! Mine got put on the bottom they were put to shame by yours!