Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Parma Rosa Pasta With Grilled Chicken

We made this one night last week. It was a weeknight and it'd been a long day. This is the perfect meal for one of those days.

I boiled whole wheat penne. While that was cooking, I mixed up the pasta sauce.

It's in a packet, it's a sauce mix; JUDGE ME, that is fine. I'll be over here enjoying this pasta.

I sliced up some grilled chicken. It was chicken left over from the other night and do you know how happy that makes me? To be able to use leftovers to make another yummy dish? VERY HAPPY INDEED. I love being efficient and frugal. Throwing food away makes me feel bad.

When the pasta was done, I poured the sauce over it and added the sliced chicken. I served it up and topped it with some grated Parmesan. Good stuff.

Leftover steamed asparagus or green beans would have good in there, too. Not pictured was the side salad we had with the pasta.

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