Monday, August 11, 2008

It's Been a Long, Been a Long Time

My apologies. It's just that a lot has happened between then and now.

We have posts - lots of them - to come. Like the one about the marinated, grilled pork tenderloin that was SO GOOD. We carefully wrote down all the ingredients. Aaaannnd then lost the piece of paper everything was written on. We have a grill tutorial in the works. Oh and there's the Snickers cheesecake. And a bunch more stuff.

I burned cinnamon toast this morning, so I feel pretty awesome about my kitchen prowess.

Food posts are coming anyway.


Pamela said...

And pizza stone tutorial. Please.

Joh said...

Ohhhh Best wishes!!!! I just read the whole fiance post and I am so happy for you both!!! :) (exclamation point overload done)